Basic application :

1- Dfining personal staff numbers and card numbers and details

2- Defining the working calendar based on 365 days a year

3- When you register to show the card to the system clock hours at the beginning of the calendar defined

4- When you register to show the card to the system clock hours at the end of the calendar defined

5- The ability to create a list of personal characteristics to distinguish

6- The list of possible preparation for entry and exit of all personnel in one day

7- personnel on different days can make list

Performance computing software :

1- Defining v All provisions of the Terms Hzvrvghyab

2- Can calculate the total months in office Takhyrsbhgahy

3- Defining the penalties of delay Hzvrvghyab

4- Administrative possible to caculate the total hours of work in a month

5- Ability to calculate vacation time and mission time

6- Ability to calculate employee overtime are defined as calendar

7- Ability t work holidays when caculating absences and holidays

8- Set the table to calculate the performance in a month for each staff

The table calculation function of the mont :

1- Total hours

2- Total hours of overtime

3- Total hours worked fraction

4- Total hours of leave

5- Total hours mission

6- Total hours shifts

7- Total hours off work

8- Calculate Total hours night working

9- Calculate the Total hours of absence during the month

10- Calculation of unpaid leave entitlement

Payroll Software :

1- Defining social insurance number

2- Defining the daily wage

3- Calculate accumulated daily wage calculated in accordance with the list of works

4- Defining Overtime Pay

5- Calculate the total overtime pay calculated in accordance with the list of works

6- Calculate the total Salary and Benefits during the month

7- Calculate deductions such as insurance premiums , ect.

8- Calculate additional fees such missions , extra

9- The net pay for each employee

10- General list of payments made to

11- Calculate the total salary paid to staff

12- Preparing the list of possible insurance , legal , financial documents

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