Reader ALR9780


The Alien ALR-9780 is a high-performance EPC Class 1 and Class 1 Gen 2 reader designed for efficient management of large streams of tag data. It supports this through:

  1.   High speed reads and enhanced sensitivity
  2.   Sophisticated data-handling capabilities
  3.   Simplified implementation and management

High Speed

 The ALR-9780 employs enhanced algorithms to deliver fast, thorough reads of large numbers of tags, with a reduction in time-to-last tag of up to 75% over previous models.

Enhanced Sensitivity

The ALR-9780's advanced low-noise RF design ensures sensitivity even to tags with signals dimmed by distance, moisture or metal while the reader's circularly polarized antennas provide the ability to read tags regardless of their orientation.

Sophisticated Data-Handling and Notification
The ALR-9780 also reduces overall infrastructure costs and enhances RFID data management through:

  1.   Elimination of redundant tag data, reducing LAN traffic and server loads
  2.   Filtering on whole or partial tag IDs
  3.   Intelligent delivery scheduling of tag data

The ALR-9780 can be easily configured so that reads are triggered by external events, commands or schedules, and also to notify operators of tag events by LAN, I/O signal or email.

Simplified Implementation and Management

The ALR-9780 supports plug-and-play deployment starting with automatically acquiring its IP address. Configuration can be accomplished remotely or locally and a Software Developers Kit streamlines the software integration process.

Software Upgradeable

The ALR-9780 protects customer investments through its software-upgradeability to Class 1 Gen 2

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