MHS MagicPass4500

Magic Pass 4500 is the most complete biometrics based time management and access control device. This compact sized device able to function in a standalone mode, without any connection with PC and/or can use RS232 PC ports to integrate them.

Besides Time Management and/or Time Attendance function, Magic Pass 4500 in a standalone mode can be running as single door access control unit. The unit has its own lock control relay and auxiliary devices together with a request to exit input and door ajar input.

Magic Pass 4500 has 26 bit wiegand port to integrate with an online access control system. Furthermore, this device is able to be integrated with other card system access control for customers who desires in up grading existing card access as security system.

Hunno’s Magic Pass 4500 is physically stronger than other optic-based fingerprint recognition system in terms of shock-resistance, scratch-resistance, environment-resistance and etc.

Optic Based Technology
Standalone or network operation
LCD On-Screens menus
Identification and Verification capability for Authentication activity.
Simple enrolment process (centralized at PC or at device)
Audible indicators

Registration capacity : 6,000 templates (2,000 ID for 3 templates/ID; 3,000
ID for 2 templates/ID or 6,000 ID for 1 template/ID).
Power : 12 V DC, 0,3 A
Verification time : 0.5 sec.
FRR : 0.01%
FAR : 0.001%
Template size : 256 byte
Communication : RS232/485, Wiegand
Keypad : 10 number keys, 6 Function Keys
Display : 128 x 64 dots LDCD, 2 LED.
Integration : Barcode Readers, Proximity Readers.

With built in TCP/IP
With built in Proximity reader

Site Security and Access Control (safe deposit box room, server room, database room, main computer room, meeting room, office, etc)
Time Management
Time Attendance
ATM Safe Control
Network communication
Job Order Costing
Manufacture Production Monitoring,

More Features:
Free adjustable registration capacity
Identification (Free Scan) mode for Authentication
Force Open or Close mode
Authentication Information Status (In & Out)
Time Zone setting per person
Area Zone application
Multilanguage LCD instruction information (English, Chinese, Korea)
Standard Time Attendance & Access Control Software

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