RF245-2/ RF245-3/ RF245-5/ RF245-10

2.45GHz Long Range Reader
RF245-2/ RF245-3/ RF245-5/ RF245-10

- One Directional Antenna: 90-degree one-directional antenna 
(Option: 360-degree omni-directional antenna)
- Stable and Steady Read Range: 2M, 3M, 5M or 10M read range with IDA 245 tags
- Simple Usage: barrier gate input allows for direct connection to a barrier gate
- Multiple Purposes: parking control, vehicle access control, logistics,
and asset/personnel tracking
- Outdoor Capability: 100% weather-proof, ideal for outdoor installation
- Vehicle Detect Input: Reader generates ID output when a vehicle is_detected by loop coil._(Parking Hold Signal)
- One-Time Reading: OTR technology prevents the same card from being read twice.


2.45GHz Active Tag with User-Replaceable Battery

- Stable and Steady Read Range: 2M, 3M, 5M or 10M read range with RF245 reader.
- User-Programmable: site code and ID numbers programmable using PRG245.
- Unlimited Lifetime Thanks to User-Repleacable Battery CR2025
- IDA245H2 (Option): specially designed for mounting on a metal-coated windshield


2.45GHz Active Card Programmer

- Issuing Long Range Active Card(IDA245/IDA245H2): Using the Programmer, Encode IDA245 Card into IDA245H2 or IDA245H2 Card into IDA245.
- User-Programmable: Programmable Site Code and ID Number
- Encrypted Algorithm Applied
- Supports USB Connection: Direct Connection to the PC via USB Port


Model :  RF245-2/ RF245-3/ RF245-5/ RF245-10    
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