Door Access Control features: 
1- Possible to observe the traffic, open doors, define and remove the card, residence time and any reports prepared by the computer 
2- Unable to connect to any available reader (magnetic - barcode - contactless - long range) RFID 

3- Unable to connect to two non-contact card reader, a barcode, a magnet and two Keypad (1-14 digits) simultaneously 
All doors can be installed on wood, metal, stainless steal, glass, lifts and safes 
5- Power Supply: AC adapter (220V AC input - 12V output directly to 3A)

6- Plaster or stone wall to hide behind the lack of access card
7- Take advantage of the access control software DC Helper, Offline, Online 
8- Five input sensors to detect heat, smoke, motion, stop-motion and ...
9- 2000 users to define and save a record in 3000 opener
10- Ability to create a calendar to record the passage of time allowed for
11- Power switch for connecting to smart energy control
12- Protocol to connect to a PC by RS 232 - TCP / IP
13- Box Dimension Controller and Accessories: 90 * 196 * 295 mm
14- Warning system for five unsuccessful attempts
15- Unable to connect to all Locks - Magnet - Bolt
16- Choice of code or card together or separately
17- Unable to connect to the machine, and someone Barrier
18- Unable to connect to Snsvrasr finger SF650
19- Memory access door in record time
20- Unable to connect to alarm (one zone)

21- Unable to connect to the camera and remote control 
22- To install: wall (ceiling)

23- Unable to connect to battery

Online traffic control software specification:

1- Take advantage of the credit system
2- Reporting to the entry and exit
3- Ability to prepare financial reports
4- To display a list of subjects 
5- Record the time of arrival or departure Picture 
6- Capacity of view, amount, date, time, and ... 
7- Display port to connect with PC
8- To avoid duplicate entry (one entry before I leave)
9- Ability to define user types (pre-paid, post-paid, free, staff)

Software Specifications DC Helper:

1- Defining code and card
2- Defining and remove personnel
3- To receive reports from the set
4- Ability to define access restrictions
5- Ability to define different access patterns 
6- Defining the system time and date
7- Ability to define different access to staff
8- Ability to save reports as Text File
9- Change system settings through the software 







Model :  5200    
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