MHS IdentixV20

Advantages Universal Access: With a single enrollment you can secure a user’s access to any V20 UA-protected entry, secure a user’s workstation and control who and how network resources are accessed. Centralized biometric credential management eases your administration costs.
Technology: State-of-the-art extraction and matching algorithms provide an unsurpassed level of security and protect the integrity of your investment.
Integration: Easy integration into existing card-based access control systems and communication protocols protects your security investment.

One Touch and You Are In
From corporate server rooms to hospital pharmacy closets, computer labs to airport operation areas and cockpits, Identix® Fingerscan™ V20 UA provides a secure solution for any organization needing to control and audit a user’s physical access privileges. Reduce fraud associated with card-based solutions by providing a positive method of employee access and tracking.
Whether a single entrance, or an entire building and network, Universal Access enables quick and seamless additions to your security infrastructure. Through a single user enrollment you can control access to any V20 UA-protected entry, secure a user’s workstation, and control who and how network resources are accessed. Universal Access leverages the security, integrity and scalability of Identix solutions to provide a complete networked solution.
With its powerful Intel®-based processor and advanced Identix BioEngine™ algorithms, Fingerscan V20 UA sets the standard for physical access security solutions. Easy to install and use, V20 UA can be configured to locally control and
monitor a door or set to seamlessly integrate into existing access control systems.
Identix Fingerlan™ IV advanced access control application extends the capabilities of your V20 UA node(s) with sophisticated node configuration and network monitoring capabilities. With Fingerlan IV, you can manage your V20 units, set up and manage user profiles, and perform transaction auditing from your PC.

Protect your physical assets and intellectual property with a solution. Industry proven and patented algorithms promote the highest confidence levels.

A dedicated template store and networking capabilities facilitate a single user enrollment for multiple V20 UAprotected entries, saving your organization time and money in enrollment and account management costs.

Use the V20 UA as a standalone unit or as a complete, networked solution. As your organization and security needs grow, you can quickly and seamlessly add additional V20 UA modules to bIdentix Fingerscan V20 UA physical access security solution provides a proven method to control, restrict .

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