MHS Scan™ A4


3-Dimensional Facial Access Control Security System

IDLINK A4 Door Access is a physical access control security and identification system using the most natural characteristic part of the human body, the face. After a face is registered by the system, a distinctive facial code is created and stored in the system. By comparing a newly captured face with the stored facial codes, the system can open the door to only authorized persons.

Features of MHS ScanA4 Door Access
Non-invasive, non-contact and minimal user cooperation in usage, can be 500mm away from the reader
Dependable as face is not susceptible to theft, loss, or compromise
Accuracy in performance due to extra 3-dimensional facial data
Unique to 3-dimensional system even for faces of twins, man-made faces or after facial treatment
Scalable from 1 user to 100,000 users; from stand-alone system to managing multiple networked access control points
Compatible with existing physical access control systems using magnetic stripe/proximity cards or fingerprint
Easy to use, and most naturally
Fast recognition, almost instantly from the time a face captures by the face reader to door opens
Invariance to face angles within 30 degrees each direction
Invariance under different lighting conditions for highly reliability in performance

Higher security and can prevent existing flaws of current security system
System Configuration

A typical integrated IDLINK A4 Door Access system consists of Facial Reader unit, Processing unit, and Control Panel. Multiple access control points can be connected and managed centrally through local area network.

Usage Scenarios

1. User claims himself/herself with card or fingerprint (or alternatively just appears in front of Face Reader)
2. Facial Reader captures face and sends data to Processing unit
3. Processing unit compares acquired facial codes with stored facial codes
4. If they are equal, Processing unit sends “access granted” signal to Control Panel, which in turn opens the door.

A Valuable and Important Investment

In light of today’s demanding security measures and requirements, IDLINK A4 Door Access is surprisingly affordable and effective, especially when measured against the cost and consequences of a breach in security and existing flaws within current physical access control security systems.
So when you are looking for an identification access control security system, come face to face with IDLINK A4 Door Access facial access control security system – the world’s leading 3 dimensions facial recognition solution.
Specifications (subject to change without notice)

Face Reader unit (with card reader module)
Verification time < 1 second
Identification time < 1 second
Users capacity scalable from 1 to 100,000
Support Wiegand formats: 26-bit, 34-bit, 35-bit, 44-bit
Temperature 0-45 Deg/C
Operating Humidity 0%-85%
Power consumption: 3.4A at 12V
Dimensions Heights x Width x Depth – 285 x 313 x 130 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Processing unit
Host connection 100Mb Ethernet
Support platforms: MS Win2000,XP
Temperature 0-45 Deg/C
Operating Humidity 0%-85%
Input Voltage 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage 5V/12A, 12V/1A
Output Rating 80W
Safety UL, CE LVD certificated
Dimensions Heights x Width x Depth – 90 x 290 x 220 mm
Weight 3.0 Kg

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