Wireless Bell System
  1.  Wireless bell for self service , restaurant,etc.
  2.   Coverage area 80-150m ( Even two floors )
  3.   One display screen services up to 99 bells/tables.
  4.   Easy to install within 5 minutes.
  5.   Enhance efficiency of service with lower number of water.

Wireless Bell System consist of one display screen (receiver) and many table bells (transmitters), each bell programmed with specific unique number, Whenever you push the button on the table bell, instantly the table number displayed on the display screen along with melody sound. Wireless Bell System is applicable whenever customers or visitors need to call for assistance or service. Hotels & Restaurants Business Firms, office boy calling. Huge show rooms and Exhibitions Snooker & Bowling clubs.. Hospitals & health clubs and Museums .

Technical Specification :
Display screen 

  1.   Power: AC 110 / 220V 60 / 50Hz.
  2.   Bell Sound with Volume Control Level.
  3.   Adjustable display time 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minuets, 20 minuets.
  4.   Available Channel: 14 channels.
  5.   Operation Temperature: -10c to 60c.
  6.   Dimension: 240 x 200 x 60mm.

Table Bell / transmitter

  1.   Two models round and square shape.
  2.   Color wooden pattern finish. 
  3.   Power: 12V DC 33mA battery A23.
  4.   Dimension: 75 mm Diameter, 30mm height.
  5.   Available Channel: 14 channel.

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