Specifications :

  1. Ability to view the last 30 matches on the LCD when the device is stored in static memory
  2. High-resolution LCD display with date and time and type of card reader device attached to a card or code affected by the different modes
  3. Ability to define different access levels to enter the menu system with 8-digit PIN
  4. Has all the features of software and open hardware card Time and Attendance
  5. A separate relay for the congestion, my people, not machines, automatic doors, warning lamp alarm and CCTV cameras
  6. May deduct the amount of the credit card number (eg 5) with a shuffle cards
  7. Reader and writer Mayfr connectivity and formatting the different sectors Mayfr card
  8. PC connectivity via LAN and RS 232 ports
  9. 12 volt internal battery power and connectivity
  10. Portable devices as possible, move c
  11. Price or add to the amount you charge for the card Mayfr
  12. Portable device access menu mode
  13. After reading it you get Mayfr card PIN
  14. All locks and electrical connection to the magnet and Shfty
  15. Setting time for the command to lock relay
  16. Reporting of all traffic is possible
  17. LED status display with success or error
  18. Dimensions: 40 * 110 * 209 mm

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